Clinical Practice Lead/Educator

Under the leadership of the Director of Care at Balwin Villa and in collaboration with the Resident Care Manager (RCM), the Clinical Practice Lead (CPL)/Educator provides on-site support to the health care team in the provision of quality person-centered care to meet the highest possible health care standards. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Providing support to staff so they have the necessary tools and knowledge to offer client centered care to residents; organize and lead in-service training for care staff; provide ongoing mentoring and performance management to the healthcare team. The Clinical Practice Lead/Educator works under the governance of the Health Professions Act and has a working knowledge of the program’s business plan, Supportive Living Accommodation Standards, Alberta Health Services (AHS) Continuing Care Health Service Standards, as well as departmental policies and procedures related to health care administration, finance, and human resources and ensures that service delivery is carried out in accordance with Excel Society’s Philosophy and Policies.  

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Providing effective clinical leadership in the direct provision of care to site residents.
  2. Leading and organizing training for LPNs and HCAs.
  3. Working in collaboration with the Resident Care Manager (RCM) and AHS Case Managers.
  4. Participating in the hiring and orientation process of new staff.
  5. Maintaining client confidentiality in written, oral, and electronic communication and adhering to legal requirements regarding documentation.
  6. Leadership responsibilities with assisting the RCM with recruitment and performance management.
  7. Participating in family/client conferences.
  8. Facilitating the involvement of clients in their care plan and communicating collaboratively with the client and other members of the health-care team.
  9. Facilitating the implementation of the client’s AHS care plan into Client Balanced Scorecards or Momentum and updating the required care tasks as the care plan is updated or the client’s care needs change.
  10. Participate in and or lead physician rounds with RCM and AHS Case Mangers.
  11. Completing comprehensive health assessments of clients throughout the lifespan.
  12. Formulating clinical decisions that are consistent with client needs and priorities and implementing evidence-informed nursing interventions based on assessments findings, client preferences and desired outcomes.
  13. Supporting effective conflict resolution.
  14. Providing clinical education, in-service, and mentorship support to frontline staff by demonstrating responsible, quality, and safe client care.
  15. Leading the provision of person-centered care that honors our client’s personhood and promotes dignity, growth, and respect at all times.
  16. Facilitating access to services and coordinating required resources in collaboration with the RCM.
  17. Overseeing LPNs and HCAs performing professional nursing care to clients.
  18. Performing ongoing evaluation throughout delivery of care.
  19. Networking with contracted service provides and other members of the care team.
  20. Contributing to a culture of safety.
  21. Participating as a member of committees as required.
  22. Participating in an after-hours on-call rotation.
  23. Participating in Excel Society’s quarterly Joint Leadership meetings.


  1. Must be registered with CARNA.
  2. Management experience working with seniors, people with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, communication barriers, and behavior management.
  3. Experience supporting individuals in a Supportive Living, preferably DAL setting.
  4. Requires sound judgment and excellent decision making skills.
  5. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills utilizing patience and diplomacy.
  6. Effective leadership, mentoring, and motivational skills. Hands-on leadership style.
  7. Sound organizational ability, problem solving, critical thinking, and crisis management skills.
  8. Able to work in a team atmosphere as well as independently.
  9. Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  10. Satisfactory current criminal record check.
  11. Strong mental health background experience with individuals of all ages, including the elderly with dementia and those who have chronic mental illness.
  12. Strong knowledge of resources available to clients and healthcare standards.

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